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Overdream - Soundprints EP

Overdream - Soundprints EP

Label: Sunstation , Date: 2011


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Sun Station Records and Overdream are proud to present you "Soundprints", a special free EP release to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the band.

Overdream is a duo of Makus and Dana. A couple in real life, an artistic duet on stage and in the studio based in Kiev. They started to combine their energies into music in the spring of 2006 and during these 5 years they have achieved outstanding results and have become one of the most productive and successful psychedelic trance projects of Ukraine. With the debut album on legendary Avatar Records and over 30 appearances on world top psychedelic trance labels they've made remarkable imprint on the global psychedelic scene.

Since the very beginning the main concept of the band was to deliver psychedelic music without sticking to genre definitions too much. 'Soundprints' EP fits this concept entirely. It features 5 previously unreleased tracks, ranging from hi-tech twilight tunes and goa to full on and downtempo. The sound is innovative and yet has the warm old-school touch that we all love so much. However despite the variety of genres the release is truly psychedelic, as always with Overdream.

This release also comes with free sample remix pack for everyone who wants to get into Overdream sound and make it even more diverse. Best remixes have chance to be mastered by Makus himself in the professional studio and get released on Sun Station Records. Get in!

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