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Connexion Bizarre update 20100614 :: Cыщик релизов :: блоги :: на главную


Connexion Bizarre update 20100614

Connexion Bizarre was updated on June 14th with new content (reviews, interview, release, podcasts and links).

A quick overview of this week's update:
"Forsaken Drift" with music selection by M.
"Broken Mirrors and Closed Hearts" with music selection by :JW:
Release: Special Love "i want to touch you"
Reviews: Cape Fear "Winds Of The Dead Air", Necrotek "None More Black EP"

All the best,
Miguel de Sousa
(editor, etc @ www.connexionbizarre.net)
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Podcast & Radio Show

Part 1 - Click here to stream or right-click to download
("Forsaken Drift" with music selection by M.)
Flint Glass - Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Indu Mezu vs. Flagra - The Game
[Main Control Board - Lagunamuch Community]
SE - Strom
[L36 - Tympanik Audio]
The [Law-Rah] Collective - Lavender Scent
[Solitaire - Raubbau]
Pyl- Look Part.3
[Black Grains - Black Grains]
Unit 21 - Snow On Your Bed
[November - Lagunamuch Community]
Squaremeter - Square-Dimensional Space
[Heliogabal - Ant-Zen]
Ambiguous - Frail
[Stone Cross - Alien Productions]

Part 2 - Click here to stream or right-click to download
("Broken Mirrors and Closed Hearts" with music selection by :JW:)
Flint Glass - Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Ladyhawke - Magic (3:26)
[Ladyhawke -Modular]
Rebekkamaria - Mother Woman (3:32)
[Sister Sortie - Alarm Music]
Tesla Boy - Electric Lady (5:21)
[Modern Thrills - Mullet Records]
Mayhem - Galaxy Eater (3:48)
[Sharktits - n/a]
Ambra Red - She's A Model (4:19)
[Electronic Creations For Special People - self released]
Front Line Assembly - Shifting Through The Lens (extended) (6:06)
[Shifting Through The Lens -Metropolis]
Alien Sex Fiend - Voodoo (6:26)
[Death Trip - 13th Moon Records]
Waves Under Water - Red Red Star (3:08)
[Red Red Star - Danse Macabre]
Dandelion Wine - Gravity (4:52)
[All Becompassed by Stars - Ars Musica Diffundere]
Makaras Pen - Currents (4:45)
[Makaras Pen - Projekt]
Christ vs. Warhol - Fade (3:23)
[Dissent - Danse Macabre]
Blood Dead And Sexy - Solemn Times (5:11)
[An Eye On You - Alice in...]
Stereo Total - No Controles (2:39)
[No Controles - Elefant]

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Connexion Bizarre radio show @ Radio Zero
The Connexion Bizarre radio show can be streamed every Friday at 23:00 GMT and Wednesdays at 10:00 GMT from Radio Zero.


Special Love - I Want To Touch You
Whitehouse doing unspeakable things to Soft Cell! Brighter Death Now taking a young Depeche Mode from behind and giving them a damn good seeing to! Genocide Organ touching Erasure in a way even they wouldn't enjoy!


Cape Fear - Winds Of The Dead Air
Think post-rock, pre-electronics, post-wave, but foremost: brilliant!

Necrotek - None More Black EP
This is the sound of Necrotek stepping out a little from the big, looming shadow of the influences, and starting to make good on the initial promise, even with a little less nihilism and a little more humanity than before.


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Hyperboloid Records

Hooked on Gadgets, and Paying a Mental Price
Steven Pinker and the Internet

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