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Connexion Bizarre update 2010-06-28 :: Cыщик релизов :: блоги :: на главную


Connexion Bizarre update 2010-06-28

Connexion Bizarre was updated on June 28th with new content (reviews, podcasts and links).
A quick overview of this week's update:
Podcast: "C-dr@ Connexion Bizarre" with music selection by C-drand "Number 13" with music selection by DJ JanaDark
Reviews: Lowness "Undertow", Ketem "Colour", Incite/ "Iconicity", v4w.enko "snd", Poratz "Beat", Kush Arora "Voodoo Sessions EP"

All the best,
(editor, etc @ www.connexionbizarre.net)

Podcast & Radio Show

Part 1 - Click here to stream or right-click to download
("C-dr@ Connexion Bizarre" with music selection by C-dr
Flint Glass - Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Munma - Pluie D'
[Black Tuesday - Incognito]
Nisiru - I Like It
[ZvukovVlna 5 / Sound Wave Of Slovensko - Vlna]
ImiAFan - Someone Else (Makina Girgir Remix)
[Epid/ Someone Else (Remixes) - 4MG]
Solo lust - Space To Expand
[The Spark - 4MG]
DMX Krew - Come To Me
[Nu Romantix - Rephlex]
Cybotron - The Line
[Clear - Fantasy]
Rasputeen - Lover Of The Russian Queen
[Phoney M. - Fightnight On Venus - Fich-Art]
Adult - Get Me Out
[D.U.M.E. - Thrill Jockey]
Alien skull paint - Memories fade (remix)
[ZvukovVlna 6 / Sound Wave Of Germany - Vlna]
Ganzheit - Traitor!
[Hammer - Ediesta Records]
Silvia - Das Ende Vom Traum
[Silvia - Genetic Music]
Martial Canterel - Heresy & Innocence
[Views Beyond The City Wall - Tarantulla Productions]
Hard corps - Desolation Land
[Funky Alternatives 3 - Concrete Productions]
Pseudocode - Simulation (To The Blue Eyed Boy)
[Europa - EE Tapes]
Tamion 12 Inch - Apostrophe' S
[Let's Suffer - Ersatz Audio]
Tetra Plok - Fear Of A Blind Date
[Fear Of A Blind Date - Textolux]
Stopcox Remixed - No salvation
[Stopcox Songs In Bits And Bytes]
Vanishing - Lovesick
[Still Lifes Are Failing - Gold Standard Laboratories]
BCrise - La chanson du d
[Gerda85 - Aredje]
Zazou / Bikaye / CY1 - Lamuka
[Noir Et Blanc - Crammed Discs]

Part 2 - Click here to stream or right-click to download
("Number 13" with music selection by JanaDark)
Flint Glass - Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Bashed Nursling - Last Five Pulse (03:52)
[Every Sunday Morning Kills Us - Enough Records]
Antarktida - Stacija (01:08)
[Antarktidai Un Brivibai (Limited Edition) - Sturm]
Bipol - It Makes Me Sick (04:46)
[Fritter Away - Ant-Zen]
Thorofon - UHF Disco (03:33)
[Various - UMB - 10 Years Of Transmission - UMB]
Militia - Omoucinu! (05:21)
[Con-Dom / Militia (2) - Scorched Earth Policy - Old Europa Cafe]
Dirty K - Quadrant (03:18)
[Head On Collision - Soviet Media Kontrol]
Klangstabil - Vertraut - Ostball Remix By Synapscape (04:52)
[Vertraut - Ant-Zen, MHz]
Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor - Learn The Basics (04:02)
[Meltdown - Hands Productions]
Derniere Volonte - Impossible (03:02)
[Immortel - Hau Ruck!]
Koen Daigaku - Untitled 1 (04:05)
[Phosphorescence - U-Cover CDr Limited]
Lowness - Transmissional (03:59)
[Undertow - Ant-Zen]
Eldar - Died The Truth (04:10)
[Amesha Spentas - Cold Meat Industry]
Apparent Symmetry - Apart From This Life (05:50)
[Mourn - Abstrakt Reflections]
Morbus M. - Don't Forget (05:25)
[Forget The Past - Hands Productions]

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Connexion Bizarre radio show @ Radio Zero
The Connexion Bizarre radio show can be streamed every Friday at 23:00 GMT and Wednesdays at 10:00 GMT from Radio Zero.


Lowness - Undertow
It is a pleasant rarity to encounter such a considered, mature approach to themes that are usually dealt with in an adolescent, confrontational (read: distorted vocals + industrial beats + catchy lead synth riffs) manner; the darker side of electronic music receives, in the form of "Undertow", a much-needed shot in the arm.

four releases from electroton label
There's a new label in town and this is one you should beware of. It's called Electroton and listening to their most recent releases - which they sent to us in a bundle - they seem to reach out for the audience for whom Raster-Noton is a way of life and are definitely a label to keep track of!

Kush Arora - Voodoo Sessions EP
The "Voodoo Sessions" EP is satisfactory dance floor fodder but only the track "Humidifier" and its steamy equatorial leanings will truly transport you elsewhere.


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The Right Balance on Copying
Cthulhu Is Not Cute (found via :JW:)

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