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Benn Jordan [aka The Flashbulb] - Louisiana Mourning (2009) :: Cыщик релизов :: блоги :: на главную


Benn Jordan [aka The Flashbulb] - Louisiana Mourning (2009)

Забежал сюда на пару секунд, а тут пыльные релизы Флэшбульба. Спасибо, что напомнили. Новый релиз от замечательного музыканта.

Benn Jordan [aka The Flashbulb] - Louisiana Mourning (2009)
Жанр: Ambient
http://torrents.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2164783 (FLAC)
http://5-against-4.blogspot.com/2009/09/roads-less-travelled-benn-jordans.html (ещё FLAC в архивах и статья)
http://rapidshare.com/files/274419302/bennjordan-lsnmrnng.rar (V0)

Hello listener.
If you can read this, then you’re likely listening to Louisiana Mourning in (almost) the way it was intended to be heard: As a seamless collage of recordings. Most of the parts were written and recorded in various motels throughout Louisiana, then later mastered in my studio in Chicago.
While I’ve treaded carefully as to avoid making a profitable “Tribute Album”, the inspiration for its content doesn’t come as a surprise to those who follow my music. That being said, the album, directly or indirectly, is homage to my relationship and the tragic circumstances with a very close friend. I wish for it to be a gift to those unable to carry the weight of a companion lost to mortality. I attempted to create a journey into the depths of my own mourning, with the occasional view of beauty in the reflection of our own inevitable destination.
Legal or not, I am simply honored that I can share the recordings with you.
All I ask is that you include this file if you share/upload/seed the release.
If you do want to buy the album (download or physical copy), please do so from alphabasic.com. Services like iTunes and Amazon force me to split up the tracks, use a less-than-desired quality, and won’t even accept the minimal artwork initially intended for the release.
If you have the desire to donate (all donations fund future releases of my own as well as other artists), that can be done with the link below.
Thanks for listening.
Benn Jordan
bennjordan.com / theflashbulb.net / alphabasic.com


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